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Back Clic is freeware software for the development of multimedia educational activities. With Clic you can create different types of activities: puzzles, associations, crosswords, identification activities, exploration, written answer, multiple choice... The Clic corner intends to be a web space of co-operation and solidarity between educators and schools through the exchange of the applications produced using the program.

It’s the page of Science Museum of Barcelona. It includes activities on line. Secondary education level.

Interactive page of  Fundació Las Caixa. Activities for preschool and primary education.

It’s the page of an Educational Centre, with images and practical works for ESO (Compulsory Secondary Education) (water pump, key of crossing, programmer, etc)

It’s the IES of Alcañiz web page with didactical materials for technology education, (mechanics, drawing, pneumatics, electricity, etc. and projects. Level ESO

Page with elemental projects for ESO

Page with great quantity of exercises and documentation on all the topics of technology and links of interest.

Page of the educative administration of Tarragona. It brings a permanent seminar of Technology and a virtual classroom of resources.

Virtual classroom of resources for technology education of Generalitat de Cataluña, that explains the resources that are available for technology education for ESO and baccalaureate.

Web page of La Salle School of Santa Coloma de Farners, with links and some materials.

Web page of Technology Teachers of Catalonia Association. It contains links, textbooks, programs, simulations etc.

Web page with resources for education in all curricular areas of ESO and baccalaureate (exercises, glossaries, simulations, etc.)

This page shows how to use the wind energy

Interactive page about light and colour. ESO level.

Videos about renewable energy sources.

It’s a page with links to exercises for primary education

Simple puzzles on educational topics, in order to enrich the knowledge with amusement. Especially for Preschool Education.

This page offers pictures for colouring in an interactive way. Especially for Preschool Education.

These pages offer 81 games; they are simple games specially designed for children, though with them persons of all ages can amuse themselves.

These pages offer interactive activities for children. Preschool Education.


Page of the Parque de las Ciencias de Granada. It shows the museum contents.