III. hoofdstuk
III. hoofdstuk

3 – 5/6


Sequence of activities: Camera                                                        


Sequence of activities: The tree in our kindergarden


Onderwerp van de groep activiteiten: de cassette recorder


Project: Kinderen en computers


Project: „Box Village“                                


Project: „Build a boat“   


Project: „How a Marble Tower Machine develops“  


Project: “Sandpit” 


Project:  Teddymobil


Pianola: “sound, music and mechanics”


Set of Activities: Electricity / Electromagnetism


Project: „Miracle of light and colours”                


Activity-set: Light


Activity-set: „Light, mirrors and reflections“                          


Project : Magnetisme


Activity-set: What´s sound?


Project: „From hearing to vibrating and back“                 


Project: Alles over water